Robert Kiyosaki – my business inspiration

Robert Kiyosaki is an unique character and authority about the savings and approaches to its own financial future. He gained the fame because of this book – ” Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!” It turned out to be a huge commercial success, its circulation reached twenty-eight million copies!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad and their history

In the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Kiyosaki tells the story of his father and the imaginary friend’s father. His own father, the head of the state department of education in Hawaii, taught him from an early age, that he only should get a great education and then catch a stable work by which he can maintain himself and his family. How you can see, the majority of us can learn it from its families. Meanwhile, the father of a friend, named by Kiyosaki “rich father” was not educated, but has nevertheless become wealthy. When he was young, he got the family’s company, which had to be addressed. Because of that he couldn’t be educated, and his success was based on the experience acquired during the carrying out of self-interest. How did it happen?

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According to the “rich dad” the most important thing is to find the appropriate way to invest your money, so they bring continuous passive income, even if they don’t work. The fictitious father always says – “frugal are the losers”. He doesn’t agree with the idea that it is worth saving your money by keeping all the savings accounts or deposits. If you do that, the money doesn’t generate a satisfactory rate of return. They provide only profits to the bank. Kiyosaki gives us best advice, it is not worth it to accumulate too many savings in the form of bank deposits subject to inflation, and instead  it’s much better to invest in real assets. This line of reasoning has been disseminated in wider layers of society, and Kiyosaki was rewarded in millions of dollars flowing from the sale of books.

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