My 10 year anniversary with yoga

It’s now about 10 years since I started to practise Yoga. After this time I surely can say that it totally changed my life and made it better. I found peace and relax. Thanks to yoga I learnt how to control my body, mind and spirit. I truly hope it will help you and develop your life, just like it happened to me.

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What the Yoga really is

Yoga is one of the oldest traditions of self-improvement and development of internal cultivated by man. The word “yoga” has many meanings. Of the three most important ones – the first is a control, understood as the mastery of your own body and mind. It involves the realization of desires and impulses that are part of our existence. We should master them in such a way as not to interfere in personal development, but even contribute to the deepening.
The second meaning is the way to go. Yoga is therefore taking a certain action, the application of self-discipline in following the order. Yoga offers us a system of daily practice what gives very fast measurable results. This method involves ways of working with all aspects of our existence: body, psyche and spirit. However, to preserve them is needed stability and regularity in practice. That subjugation is not a single act but a continuous process, that is stepping into a certain way.
A third of the meanings is the union. Since the beginning of human existence, all thoughts and actions guided towards achieving excellence, internal cohesion, understanding its true nature, oneness with the supreme – God.

namaste yoga

Yoga is just this unity. It is a very practical system of personal development, which by working with the body leads to improved quality of life and keep the body healthy. Conscious perform yoga position allows you to explore both its limitations and strengths. The practice of yoga leads to a deepening of concentration and calm restless mind. As a result, we can live internally integrated while remaining in harmony with the environment. Cleansing the body and mind and internal integration open to feel the spirit. Yoga is a way to unite body, mind and spirit. NAMASTE!

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