Assembly of steel structures – top 5 popular methods

Steel structures are one of the most basic constructions that are used in all industries and building projects. Despite looking relatively simple and straight forward, steel structures are not easy to assemble and in fact require extreme responsibility, experience and expertise to make them stand the test of time. Depending on the structure and the site it’s built on, there are a few methods of structure assembly that can be used. Which of those are the most popular and used worldwide?

Rope access

One of the hardest parts of steel structure assembly is having to build the construction in places that are hard to reach and work on. Oil platforms and high constructions can’t often be built that easily using a crane or scaffolding techniques and although possible, a job done without rope access on such structures would be dangerous and time consuming. Recent years have shown that rope access is becoming more and more popular as a service provided by experienced and well prepared companies. They specialise in using rope access for both steel structure assembly and renovation of all sorts.

Rope access safety


As the buildings grow tall and steel structures start to rise above the ground, doing any assembly manually seems almost impossible. Cranes are used in various different ways across all building sites, helping to hold up steel parts and direct them into their place. Working with cranes requires proper safety precautions and is sometimes limited by the weight, height and accessibility of the building site and the structure itself.


With smaller steel structures, traditional scaffolding seems to be the most hands-on way to approach steel structure assembly. It allows to get people as close to the structure as possible and perform manual work which is key for precision work. There are many limitations to working with scaffoldings, which is why today it’s rarely used completely by itself.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Similarly to cranes, mobile elevating work platforms allow workers to access steel structures and work on them. It’s often used when building bridges, as the access to them with a non-mobile crane would be more difficult. The platforms make it easier to bolt up pieces that are being lifted to place by a crane and thus make working on a construction site that much easier.


With all the methods of steel structure assembly available to workers today, it is still crucial that many elements of the structures are actually pre-assembled. This way, either using a crane, a scaffolding or even rope access will be much easier and safer for the workers.

Choosing the right assembly method depends largely on the type of steel construction that is being assembled and the place it’s being put in. Every method described here is valid, but not all of them provide good working ground in every building site possible.