Home extension cost – how much money do you need?

Planning out an extension for your house can be a time consuming and nerve-wracking process in itself, as making sure you stick to the budget is not the easiest of tasks. Although it might seem like not that big of a job, adding foundation, walls, roof, windows, floors, doors etc. is an extensive and expensive process which requires proper permits, building plans, architectural assessment and contractors that will make sure the job is done properly. How much money do you actually need to build an extension in London and other parts of the UK?

Why is it worth it to build an extension?

Building into your existing house structure and extending it instead of moving to a new one is a great alternative that costs less and can be just as exciting as an entirely new house. It’s a good solution for those who want to make the most out of their home and may be bored with how it looks now, but totally change their mind once the extension goes in. It’s also a great investment of money – if done properly, a simple extension can bump up the price of your house on the market and with London being more and more crowded every year, getting the best deal out of the house when you sell is definitely worth the hustle.

Home extension cost – how much money you’d have to prepare?

home extensionHow much an extension will cost depends on a number of thing, from the ground your house stands on, through the square footage you plan to achieve and the shape of the floors you choose to the finest details and choosing the right contractors. Preparing ahead, with plans on stand-by and exact calculations for every single cost you’ll have to cover is a necessity if you want to avoid facing extra costs mid-way through the build. Depending where you are in the UK, a straightforward extension in basic quality materials may cost around £1,000–£2,000/m², although some companies in London and higher-end areas charge up to £3,500/m² including labour and materials.

Remember about additional spendings

Not a single extension is the same and every house, every job that gets done might go a little differently. It’s hard to assess how much will an extension cost for you comparing it to what the neighbours have paid, but there are some variables that should be taken into consideration in your plans. First of all, soil type affects the foundations and it’s wise to get it checked beforehand to know exactly what you’ll be working with. Wet ground may require some extra insulation in the foundations, especially if you want the space to be functional. Same goes for a basement extension – underground is colder than building on the ground floor, which means proofing for water damage and mold is necessary.

DIY when you can

Hiring a professional contractor for home extension is necessary if you want your extension to last for years and actually add value to the house. However, there are things you can save on and that’s painting the walls and interior design. You can get things cheap and DIY almost anything now, including materials that can be reclaimed and cost less than new ones.