Art of giving gifts – what to take under consideration while preparing a gift?

Gift giving can create a bond between the giver and the receiver. The act is usually accompanied by joy and excitement. Where does the tradition of gift giving come from? What are the occasions for giving presents? And finally, how to prepare a perfect gift for a loved one?

Tradition of giving gifts – where does it come from?

According to the scientists the tradition of giving gifts can be traced back to the earliest humans. In the prehistoric societies men would give presents to attract a female, express their affection, and show appreciation. The gifts gifted by cavemen were items such as animal teeth and unique stones that could serve as accessories or jewelry. Through ancient civilizations the custom of giving gifts was perpetuated in society and is still a big part of our everyday culture, serving as means of communication and expressing gratitude.

What occasions are good for giving presents?

Presents can be given without occasion, however, it is far more common to give and receive gifts during holidays and other special days. Christmas, birthdays, name days, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day are the main reasons for preparing presents for loved ones. Additionally, gifts often accompany celebrations of important milestones in life, such as graduations, promotions at work, and retirement.

How to prepare a perfect gift?

There are three steps to preparing a perfect gift for a loved one: think it through, personalize, and put in it a nice box!

Think it through

A perfect present needs to be well-thought. It should match the interest, needs, and the sense of humor of the recipient. By thinking it through, the person giving the gift can show they care and  always pay attention.


A perfect present should make the recipient feel special, which is why it is a good idea to personalize it by engraving, embossing or embroidering a name or other special text to the surface of the gifted item. Other ways of making the present more personal and intimate consist of adding to it a heartfelt dedication or a handmade gift card.

Put it in a nice box

No present can really be perfect without a nice packaging that suits the occasion. It can make the gift appear more luxurious and desirable. Carefully chosen packaging will also create a great unboxing experience. The best option is to put the gift into a high quality rigid box with lid. This type of packaging for presents is aesthetically pleasing, while also being extremely durable. It is available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. High-end rigid boxes with lid are fully customizable. They can be decorated with hot stamping, point UV varnish, and different kinds of foils – soft touch, anti-scratch, matt and glossy – as well as decorative pull-out ribbons and foam or cardboard inserts.

Great gifts for your other half

No two girlfriends and no two boyfriends are the same. Because of that it is impossible to pick a universal present that will please every other half on the planet. The key to preparing a great present for a girlfriend or a boyfriend is always understanding their interests and needs. Sometimes, however, even knowing somebody through and through may not be enough to come up with a good idea. What to do in that case? A watch or jewelry may be the answer. Cosmetics are usually safe and useful, regardless of the gender of the partner, same with candles. Another good idea may be to just grab a bottle of good wine and enjoy it together with some nice, home-cooked dinner.