How to protect your musical instrument?

Many musicians, especially the beginners who are getting familiar with their chosen instrument has a lot of problems with this question – how to protect and transport the instrument? In the case of small instruments, like accordion or reed pipe, the problem usually doesn’t exist, but when it comes to some of much larger instruments, the situation is much more complicated.

Fortunately for virtually any instrument you can buy a special bag (used mostly for guitars) or a reinforced case, which is found for example in the case of violins, violas, trumpets and flutes. Much more trouble make a very large instruments, such as pianos and drums. If they are not used for a long time, you can simply cover them with some material just to protect them from the dust and other contaminants. Only in the case of transport, such an instrument should be protected against mechanical damage by placing it, for example in a special box.

The string instruments require a special care because they are very delicate. The smallest damage may cause a malfunction extraction of sounds. Each wooden musical instrument needs special protection, since the condition of the wood is directly dependent on the temperature and humidity in which it is stored. Suitable case will give us the security of the instrument, because poorly stored instrument might start. Currently on the market is avaliable a very wide choice of the instrument cases made of different materials, of various shapes and colors. The first thing we need to pay attention is to make sure what will ensure the safety of our instrument and durability, which will protect it from sudden accidents.

Electric guitar

Foam cases – the most common and least expensive model of the instrumental cases. Their best advantage is a lightweight, so when we assume the instrument onto our back it wont overstrain us. Remember that the contents of its case, sucj as an instrument and all accessories, weigh quite a lot.

wooden cases – are much more expensive than foam, but much stronger and safer. Interestingly, not necessarily have to be a lot heavier. For example, a Viola case may weighs only 3 kg.

No matter which case you will choose, use common sense and caution. Don’t place it at a hot radiator in a very sunny location and don’t leave it in the car during the summer. In winter, try to avoid the lowest temperatures and if you dont have any other choice, don’t go out with your instrument for much longer than it is necessary. For sure the appropriate case will protect our instrument from any damages, but when it comes to the musical intruments – never be too careful. Have a successful shopping!

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