Why do I prefer Bangkok than Phi Phi

I have gone to Thailand a year ago and it was one of the most fascinating trips of my life. Asia is the most interesting continent to me, but Thailand is absolutely fantastic. Obviously, before I went there I asked my friends for any advices, what is worth visiting in Thailand? Mainly they told me about Chiang Mai, Chinag Rai, Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and many other places. So I went there, I spent one month in this country, I have seen all those places and you know which region of Thailand fascinated me the most? Yes, you won’t believe but it was… Bangkok.

Bangkok is a place where you usually start all the trips around Thailand, but also to Asia. It’s the ideal transfer point with a very wide network of flights from both Europe and the countries of the region. The capital of Thailand arouses mixed feelings – some of the people are immediately fascinated and feel a desire to visit this city again, others are rejected because of the ubiquitous traffic jams, dirt or underage prostitutes. But you can’t deny the unique character and diversity of this place.

tuk tuk bangkokThere are a wonderful monuments, located on the site of the former royal city: the Grand Palace and Wat Po – the temple of resting an impressive, golden Buddha (46 meters long and 15 meters high!). However, if you would like to get away from the crowded center, you should look for a calmer places. You can go to the temple Loha Prasad. In the evening, you just have to visit full of colors and flavors Chinatown. This is where you can enjoy the best street food, Chinese dumplings called Dim Sum or national Thai dessert -mango sticky rice, it’s a sticky rice served with coconut milk and juicy mango. To relax from the hustle and bustle of never sleeping city, you can escape to the river Chao Phraya, and take a boat trip up to the temple of Wat Arun. In my opinion Tuk Tuks are the best way of transport in Bangkok – they are everywhere and let you feel the color of the city. For once, I recommend you to take a ride with a sky-train.

bangkok templeSurely most of you will not share my enthusiasm to this this dirty city. I Encourage you, however, to give this place a chance and open up to its beauty. I know, that places like Phi Phi Islands looks much better. Paradise with perfect beaches and water but after few days you will simply get bored. How long are you able to lie on the beach and drink alkohol? In Bangkok there is always something to do, and you need months to see at least half of this city.

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