Krakow and Warsaw in Poland are one of most visited Cities of the World

The London market research agency – Euromonitor International, published its ranking of the most visited cities in the world. These include two Polish cities – Warsaw and Kraków, which are much more often visited than for example Rio de Janeiro. Krakow was visited by nearly 2.5 million tourists, and Warsaw by almost 4 million. The ranking includes 100 world cities, arranged according to the number of foreign tourists. Also included the rise and fall of interest in cities, compared to the previous ranking.

Warsaw better than San Francisco

The report included two Polish cities: Warsaw on 42th position, this city in 2013 was visited by nearly 4 million tourists and Krakow on the 70th place with a number of 2.45 million visitors. Euromonitor reports that both cities remained the same, upward trend of interest in relation to the preceding year: 8.9 percent. Eyeing the rankings, even quite distant positions of Polish cities, seem to be very optimistic. Less popular than Warsaw is for example San Francisco (50 position), Sydney (59) and Lisbon (62).


Krakow is better than Honolulu (74), Marrakech (84) and Rio de Janeiro (92). According to the creator of the ranking: “The ever-increasing number of visitors to these cities reflects their economic strength, as well as the stability and the importance of urban centers as centers of global tourism, in terms of both business and recreation.” Krakow is a beautiful city with many interesting sights. From Karków, the tourists usually are also going to visit the famous concentration camp – Auschwitz & Birkenau and the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Warsaw then is a city full of contrasts, one of the fastest growing capitals of the world.

Asians are the best

More than one-third of all the listed cities in the ranking is located in Asia. In the top ten there are up to six, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. In 2013 the most, because more than 25 million people visited Hong Kong. It also should not surprise the high position of the biggest European cities. London and Paris are placed on the fifth and forth place of the ranking. Above the Krakow and Warsaw was ranked Prague (21 position), which was visited by more than 6 million people. The Czech capital ahead of, among others, Venice, Barcelona and Vienna.

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