Working as a doctor in the fiords – destiny Norway!

Norway has always had a good reputation when it comes to their healthcare system, just as the rest of Scandinavia does. There is something quite unique about the way they handle business that even though everyone has to pay for their medical care there, there are not as many complaints as there are in other European countries. One of the key features that is instantly brought up to the attention of potential candidates for medical jobs in Norway is that they are constantly looking for new medical staff. Whether its nurses, GPs, or specialists – Norway is always seeking for new employees in their health care system. Why is that and how is it working as a doctor in Norway?

Many options available on the Norwegian market

As we mentioned before, in Norway there is no such thing as “we don’t need any more staff of such expertise”. If you are willing to travel and you don’t really care if you work in a private sector or public healthcare and in which part of Norway you will be living, with appropriate qualifications you can be certain there is a job for you. Medical jobs in Norway are not easy to get, but once you do, your career stands open to new possibilities.

Trondheim bay

If you are currently working in the medical industry (no matter if you are a doctor or a staff worker) and would like to start a career in Norway, please visit for further information.

As of now, the most sought for specialists are gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists and psychiatrists. If you specialised in one of them in your country of origin and you have some experience actually working in those fields, you can start going to agencies and trying for different vacancies. Remember though that even with few years of experience in the field, you may be asked to join a course in a local university to further expand your abilities. There is one medical world, but within it so many different ways of practicing medicine.

The hiring process in Norway

The best way to go about finding medical jobs in Norway is to check offers at a certified employment agency or to sign up to the EURES system. Both legal options give you a chance to look for hiring outside your country of origin and if there is anything that matches your abilities, set an interview with the employer. Remember that before your relocation, you may have to go through a language course as well as some additional medical training. Speaking Norway fluently is a must here, so be prepared to broaden your knowledge and put your linguistic skills to a good use.

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