History and development of Tesla cars

Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturer founded in San Carlos, California in 2001 by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The company is named after Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla. In 2004 the original founders of Tesla connected with Elon Musk, Southern African business magnate, who invested in the company and became one of the co-founders. The first Tesla car was released in 2008. It was a Roadster, created in cooperation with Lotus Cars. Today, fifteen years later, Tesla is the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. There are four Tesla cars currently available on the market: Model S (liftback), Model 3 (sedan), and two crossovers, Model Y and Model X.

The most important innovations that shaped today’s EV market

Tesla was the first automaker to use cylindrical, lithium-ion battery cells for their vehicles. To support their own production, the company invested in lithium-ion battery research, which proved beneficial to other players on the market. Moreover, Tesla introduced the permanent magnet motors, which are more efficient, especially in stop-start driving, hence perfect for the cars used mostly in the cities. The most important Tesla innovation, however, is the autopilot, defined as Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer, which is an advanced driver-assistance system designed to ensure the drive is more pleasant, and, most importantly, safe.

How the evolution of Tesla cars changed their performance?

The last fifteen years brought a lot of changes for Tesla cars. The evolution of the vehicles greatly changed their performance. Modern Tesla cars are more reliable than their predecessors and are characterized by far better efficiency. As a manufacturer, Tesla also significantly improved the safety of their vehicles. It was possible mostly due to the implementation of the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer system.

The availability of Tesla’s spare parts in light of the brand’s development

In light of Tesla’s development, the availability of the spare parts for the brand’s cars was considerably improved. The manufacturer still does not collaborate with traditional, franchised auto dealerships, choosing to maintain a network of company-owned stores. They are, however, far more common and easily accessible to the wider public, since Tesla is now present in a lot more countries than at the beginning. With the brand’s success and further popularity, the used spare parts are also not difficult to find.

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Where can you buy used Tesla parts?

It is possible to buy used Tesla parts from trusted third-party suppliers, such as EV-PARTS – a car parts center that specializes in the distribution of second-hand Tesla components. This renowned online Tesla shop offers a wide selection of high quality parts, as well as fast and safe shipping.

Does buying used Tesla parts pay off?

Buying used Tesla parts is beneficial for the vehicle’s owner, as it is far less expensive than buying new components and helps save more than half compared to the new price. Moreover, choosing second-hand components is good for the environment. It reduces the amount of energy needed for manufacturing and transportation of the components, allows the preservation of natural resources, and leads to the decrease of e-waste in the landfill.