How to prepare for an adventure in another country during Erasmus course

Embarking on an Erasmus course is not only an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills but also to experience an unforgettable adventure. However, for the journey to be successful, it is worth preparing adequately.

What are Erasmus language courses?

Erasmus language courses are an excellent way to improve your foreign language skills before departure. Through them, you can not only enhance your language proficiency but also get acquainted with the culture and customs of the country you are heading to. However, it is important to remember that these courses can be time-consuming and require commitment.


  • Improvement of language fluency
  • Better understanding of the country’s culture
  • Opportunity to make new acquaintances


  • Need for additional time dedication to learning
  • Possible additional costs

Erasmus – planning the trip

Before departure, it is important to thoroughly plan the entire stay. It is crucial to check the living and studying conditions in the country you are heading to. Familiarize yourself with the cost of living, accommodation options, as well as health insurance and visa-related matters.

erasmus language courses

Essential Erasmus documents and formalities 

Do not forget to gather all the necessary documents. You will need, among others, a passport, ESN card, documents confirming admission to the university, and health insurance.

Packing for Erasmus exchange

When packing, consider what you really need. Remember that many things can be purchased on site. Focus on the essentials, such as documents, medication, laptop, and an adapter for electrical outlets.

Why is it worth participating in the Erasmus program?

Going on Erasmus is not just about learning but also an opportunity to meet new people and cultures. Overall, participating in the Erasmus program is an enriching and rewarding experience that offers academic, personal, and professional benefits, while also fostering intercultural understanding and cooperation. Proper preparation can make this time one of the best experiences in your life.