Football – my love

Some people say that football is a very significant thing and it’s not that important. However, if such a “thing” moves millions of people, and can convince about 1/3 of the world’s population to watch it, this “thing” becomes an important part of our society. I don’t know any other discipline of sport in this world that passionates people so much just like football. The world championships take place every 4 years and during this time it’s the most popular thing in the world.

football player

Without going into historical details, football in the early twentieth century, was indeed a massive game, but reserved only for the social elite. Doctors, lawyers, judges, and their children could play it. Also at that time football represented together – a culture, custom, good taste, behavior. It reflects all the features that were represented by the players. Whenever I ask myself “why do I love football?” – I have a problem. Because if you compare it with any other discipline, you have that weird impression that football is one of the most boring, unjust, unfair games. After watching a game of handball, basketball, hockey, rugby it’s difficult to me to see the football match. It seems to be very slowly and not really dynamic.


So why do I love it?

For universality. Anyone can play it. There is no preference for age, height, weight, social class. You don’t need any special equipment to practice. Just the ball and a piece of equal square. You can play anywhere on the pitch turf, on the asphalt, the dance floor, artificial grass, earth, soil, gravel, sand, etc – everywhere. On the best and most important football matches can come and watch live more than 100 thousand people. Stadiums have a huge capacity and the emotions are incredible. The sports played on the hall can’t even compete with that. During the world championship’s you feel this power, the feeling when all the people are united and excited about the game. Oh, it’s something that I truly love!

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