Discover your ancestors!

Have you ever wondered about the roots of your fore-fathers? Would you be willing to participate in the journey following the trails of your great grandparents and see for yourselves how they truly lived?

It is commonly believed that exploring and identifying your ancestors legacy is crucial to discovering your own identity and affiliation. Getting to know about your related elders might be also great journey in the matter of escalating your horizons in both historic and geographical knowledge. You might want to decide to, for example, visit your grandparents old village and try to collect new memories from the very origins of your family. You might even be able to find some old belongings of them, which could be very emotional.


Ancestry tourism

We are sharing this article with you, because we recently got an e-mail from one of our viewer about this new trend in tourism industry. The response he received went beyond all his expectations. After quick interview, AncestorSearch was able to find out, that his great grandfather was in fact a true highlander with his own farm high beyond any civilization in Tatra mountains. It turned out, that it is currently a successful shelter for climbers and hikers. Coincidently, he and his girlfriend are an outdoor enthusiasts, climbers and skiers. They both decided to go there for a weekend. When the current owners of the shelter heard the story of our reader they got very emotional and they decided to present them with a permanent free accommodation.


How does it work?

Cooperation with one of the professional agency might be the right choice for you, unless you want to spend quite a lot of your own time researching and digging in the papers. Most agencies will probably take care of every formal issue you might face, so that your trip would be pure pleasure and so you could focus 100% percent in discovering your own roots.

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